How To Get Mystery Gifts In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How To Get Those Mystery Gifts

Like any good Pokemon game, Arceus has the Mystery Gifts system. Basically, they’re presents  from the devs that you download every so often. But how does this system work in Arceus? Thankfully, it’s actually pretty simple!

Once you complete the fifth mission, a new menu option will be available in your item satchel. You click on it, wait for the connection to go through, and bam! Gift received. Easy, right?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Mystery Gifts

If you haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet, don’t worry! The first set of Mystery Gifts will be available for download until May 9th, 2022. Players who pre-ordered the game will have access to even more presents, depending on which retailer you used to order the game. At the moment, players who check the service now can grab a Growlithe Kimono set and a Baneful Fox mask.

You can check out our review of the game here. We’ve also answered a few other Pokemon Legends: Arceus questions here and here. Be sure to grab those Mystery Gifts as soon as you can!

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