Pokemon Legends: Arceus Type Matchups – Weaknesses and Strengths

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Type Matchups

Having trouble with the battles in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Maybe these type matchups charts will help you out! If you can match the right moves for the right battles, you can completely turn the tide of battle. For reference, the circle means a Super Effective match. The triangles indicate a Not Very Effective move, while the X means the move has no effect at all. Otherwise, the move will do regular damage to you or your opponent. For example, electric moves are Super Effective against water and flying type Pokemon. Conversely, those same electric moves do no damage against ground-type Pokemon.

Type matching not quite doing it for you? You may have to resort to Strong Style moves as well. But be warned! If that powered-up attack doesn’t finish off your opponent, you’ll be left wide open for at least a whole turn. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to run away from most battles if you’re feeling truly outmatched. You also want to be on the lookout for multi-type Pokemon. Whiscash might be found in the water, but it’s totally immune to electric moves.

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