How Long Is Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Curious How Long Is Pokemon Legends: Arceus? We Got You

Wondering how long is Pokemon Legends: Arceus? We reviewed it quite recently and have the answer for you here.

An average playthrough of Arceus’ story takes about 25 hours.

This includes doing some requests along the way, on top of the main missions.

If you’re planning on filling out the whole Pokedex, that’s a different story. But for most players, doing a mix of requests along the way while primarily focusing on the story missions, you can expect it to last 25 hours.

If you were to focus only on the story and ignore everything else it can be beaten faster in around 18-20 hours.
If you are going for completion, then all the side content could get a bit closer to 60 or 70 hours. There’s a lot of Pokemon to catch!

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