League of Legends Devs Are Teasing a New Rework for Shyvana

League of Legends Devs Tease a Rework for Shyvana Outside of VGU Votes

League of Legends developer Riot Games just teased fans that a new rework for champion Shyvana is coming in the future. They gave fans the chance to vote on the character that should get a visual and gameplay update. Unfortunately for Shyvana’s following, she lost out to Skarner.

Votes took a surprising turn in favor of Skarner. Skarner took about 33% of fan votes. Skarner first became available in 2011, making him one of the game’s first champions. He was quite notorious for not having skins, with a huge five-year gap between his last two skins. Because of his outdated abilities and graphics, Skarner was indeed overdue for a rework. Riot has had some “smaller reworks” for him, “but it never really increased his play rate.”

league of legends devs teasing new rework shyvana

We are super excited that Skarner won the VGU vote,” said Lead Producer Ryan Mireles. “We think he has tons of potential to be something truly special on the League roster.

Despite Shyvana’s loss, devs made it clear that they will still rework Shyvana because of constant requests from the community. Apparently, the team behind League of Legends wants “to see her updated because a badass half-dragon shifter has so much potential.”

We know a lot of you are disappointed that our favorite half-dragon lady keeps getting so close to winning without ever taking the crown,” Mireles added. “So while we cannot promise that Shyvana will be the next big VGU we do, she is a pretty strong contender for the next one we explore outside of a VGU vote.”

At the moment, it remains unclear exactly when Shyvana is getting the rework. After all, the League of Legends team is currently busy reworking Udyr. This, in turn, will lead into Skarner’s own VGU. With that said, fans are speculating that the Shyvana’s new version could roll out at some point in 2023.

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