League of Legends Character Vi Is Heading to Fortnite

Vi From League of Legends Is Joining Her Sister Jinx in Fortnite

Fortnite is getting yet another famous character from the League of Legends franchise. Arcane’s Vi is soon joining her sister in Jinx in the battle royale game.

This is not the first time that Fortnite players got a familiar face from League of Legends’ Arcane series. Jinx joined the game last November. It marked the very first time that a LoL character appeared in a non-Riot game. Now, her sister Vi is also soon going to be part of the roster.

Vi will also be showing off her young look that as seen in the Netflix show, just like the previous collaboration between Epic Games and Riot Games. She will be bundled with the Memories of Zaun Back Bling, which is a stuffed rabbit that she lost when was just a child.

league of legends character vi fortnite

Vi’s bundle will also have a unique Punching Practice emote, as well as the Piltover Warhammer as her pickaxe. Furthermore, Fortnite players who buy the bundle will also receive the Piltover’s Finest Loading Screen. This item is an explosive piece of art that features the two sisters.

Fortnite devs also have a sweet deal for fans who may have missed Jinx the first time around. “Arcane Jinx and Jinx-themed accessories will be returning to the Shop at the same time Arcane Vi debuts in the Shop,” Epic wrote in a statement. 

This means that all of Jinx’s items are making a comeback. These include the Pow Pow Crusher pickaxe, the Wreaking Havoc, Dream Monkey Back Bling, the Jinxed Spray, Katchoo! loading screens, and the instrumental track of Playground that players can play in the lobby. Vi will be available in Fortnite’s Item Shop starting 7pm EST today.

The gaming community can expect more collaborations as a result of this much wider partnership between Riot and Epic. After all, it has been cited by multiple sources that Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, League of Legends, and Teamfight Tactics are all making their way to the Epic Games Store.

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