Dying Light 2: How to Fast Travel

Dying Light 2 Does Allow You to Fast Travel

Dying Light 2 is a big game. Like just about every open-world game, you are probably going to want to fast travel around at some point. Thankfully, that is available in this game; you just have to put in a little work first. In a zombie apocalypse, nothing comes that easy.

Fast travel doesn’t unlock until several hours into Dying Light 2. You have to wait until the main story takes you into Central Loop. That’s where you will get the ability to unlock metro stations. These metro stations are marked on the map as a train.

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Just finding a metro station isn’t good enough. You have to put in even more leg work to actually unlock it as a fast travel point. You will have to dive into the metro, kill zombies, and solve some environmental puzzles with your parkour skills. It’s nothing too difficult, but you are going to have to put in some work if you want easy travel.

I guess being able to instantly move across the map is worth a little extra leg work. As fun as running around the city and utilizing some parkour skills is, sometimes you just want to get somewhere in a hurry. I don’t always have the patience to run through hordes of zombies as I travel halfway across the map. The only game I never use fast travel in is Spider-Man. The movement in Dying Light 2 is good, but it isn’t Spider-Man.

Dying Light 2


What do you think of Dying Light 2 so far? What do you think of keeping fast travel locked for hours of the game? Let us know in the comments below!