Dying Light 2: How to Repair Weapons

Here’s How to Repair Weapons in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 will have you running around and collecting your fair share of weapons. It is easy to get attached to a great weapon that has beat some zombies down. You are able to hold on to that weapon a little longer, as Dying Light 2 does offer a weapon repair system. Kind of.

For whatever reason, Dying Light 2 doesn’t offer just a straight-up repair system. My guess is they are pulling a Breath of the Wild where they want the player to use all of the different weapons. That’s fine, but Dying Light 2 does offer a little more breathing room in the way of mods.

Mods don’t just make your weapons more powerful. Mods in Dying Light 2 also serve as a bit of a weapon repair kit. Each mod you install in a weapon will boost its durability by 50. So if was weapon has three mods slot that is 150 boost to durability to get a weapon back into zombie killing form.

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That means it isn’t a bad idea to hold onto mods for some of the great end-game weapons. In the early stages, you will often be able to find plenty of weapons just lying around, so it isn’t a big deal. The later, more powerful weapons are what you want to keep for as long as possible. So once one of those weapons loses durability, stick a mod on there and keep doing that to get the most out of the weapon.

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