Dying Light 2’s Pre-Load File Size is Unexpectedly Large on PS4

Dying Light 2 Is Quite Large, Actually

“File Size” is an omnipresent concern for so many gamers, only growing in relevance as digital game libraries become the norm. Intuitively, you’d think that skipping on the investment and sticking with a previous console model would make things easier on your wallet. Not only do you have more money to buy games with, but those games are far less technologically advanced – and thus, less demanding. While some aspects of that may be true, it’s not a full picture. Take the upcoming Dying Light 2, for instance. On the PS5, Dying Light 2 clocks in at just above 25GB. But on the PS4, where hardware limitations are a bit more present, the game’s file size rockets up to 51GB.

dying light 2 stay human 40000 lines dialogue

The explanation for this is… well, it’s computers. Anything in this field is going to be super complex for a layman, but this reddit comment breaks it down nicely. In essence, the user argues that a lot of internal processes – ones that the PS5 can easily handle, aren’t quite as accessible to the PS4. Much of the data those processes need can be just downloaded and stored directly in the game’s file. Naturally, this has a consequence of increasing file size.

But despite this explanation, the sheer volume of additional data needed is enough to stagger even the most stalwart players. The game doubles in size, without adding any new content for the player to enjoy. Nearly everyone in that above reddit thread, aside from those who knew the internal process at play, were caught off guard.

Where do you fall on this issue? Were you among those who knew that the Dying Light 2’s file size would be larger on PS4 than PS5? And what’s your impression of the sheer numerical increase at play? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!