Dying Light 2: Stay Human Will Have 40,000 Lines of Dialogue

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Is Going to Have Approximately 40,000 Lines of Dialogue

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is an upcoming zombie RPG. It will be out for the gaming public to enjoy on February 4th. It seems that the game will release with a lot of content. Techland has just confirmed that it is going to feature 40,000 lines of dialogue, which correlates to approximately 350,000 words in the game.

350,000 words, 40,000 lines of dialogue—that is the world we have built for you in Dying Light 2: Stay Human,” devs wrote on social media. “Are you ready to explore it?

dying light 2 stay human 40000 lines dialogue

Forty thousand lines of dialogue may be a bit short compared to other classic RPGs like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—with about 60,000 lines. Still, it is a very impressive statistic. Regardless, Dying Light 2: Stay Human devs certainly is giving fans with a huge mass of content with 500 total hours of gameplay.

Its campaign will last for 20 hours. Finishing all of its side quests and the campaign will take players up to 80 hours. This suggests that fans will have an enormous amount of content to play through. Techland also promised that they will be rolling out five years’ worth of post-content. This will most likely be a combination of free and paid material, if the previous title is anything to go by.

Unfortunately, the game’s Nintendo Switch version was delayed by six months. The devs did not provide any reason for the delay. However, it is known that the Switch version is cloud-based only. With that said, the delay could be because of that.

Issues with streaming to the Switch are not new. In fact, Kingdom Hearts fans recently took to social media to vent about their disappointment with its demos on Nintendo’s platform.

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