Witchfire Devs Say Single Difficulty Setting Will Be Punishingly Hard

Witchfire Will Only Have One Difficulty Level

Witchfire devs just gave more information about their upcoming roguelite FPS. The dark fantasy shooter is now in its later stages of development and will enter early access later this year.

The gaming community first heard about the game in 2017. At the time, there was a lot of hype surrounding The Astronauts’ game. The studio went relatively dark for the most part. Thankfully for those who have long waited for more details about the upcoming title, devs are now more than generous with the information.

Witchfire one difficulty level setting punishingly hard

“It is Wednesday, my witch hunters,” The Astronauts wrote on social media. “So, here is the entire four seconds of Witchfire in glorious video quality!

Next week, Witchfire devs are treating fans with a massive information dump about the game. “We will be talking release dates, features, and other thrilling stuff,” they wrote. “It is time for a fat Q&A session—the biggest we have ever done.”

Witchfire will be a first-person shooter with a dark fantasy setting. With that said, it seems to be a bit of a departure from what The Astronauts are quite known for in the past. After all, they are also the same team that gave the gaming world the narrative-focused The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

However, it must be noted that they also made Painkiller. Taking a look at the preview they shared, it would seem that Witchfire reflects a lot of the old shooter’s aesthetics. The upcoming game will focus on a frenetic style of arena combat and loot collection, in addition to random map generation.

Furthermore, it will only have a single difficulty setting. Despite this, devs say that the game will be punishingly hard. There is only one difficulty level,” they confirmed. “We might have something to make the lives of the hardcore even more miserable, but top level.

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