Humble Bundle Raises Absurd and Still-Growing Sum For Ukraine Charity

Humble Bundle Raises Over 10 Million For Charity

There’s no chance you haven’t heard of the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine. The country is currently being invaded by Russia – and regardless of your stance or nation of origin, everyone should agree that when citizen’s homes are lost, humanitarian aid is needed. Humble Bundle took this idea to heart, and threw together something special.

This isn’t the first time Humble Bundle took action during a crisis. They suspended sales to Russia and Belarus during this one, and have run other charity events in the past. But this fundraiser is something special, and… well, you read the headline. You know why.

Metro Exodus

A few hours ago, Humble Bundle’s fundraiser broke the $10 Million dollar mark. Now, it’s nearing $15 Million. All from the hands and hearts of generous gamers across the globe.

The violent and unlawful invasion in Ukraine is taking a tragic toll—displacing people, devastating families, and creating an urgent need for food, water, supplies, shelter, and safety.” Humble Bundle says on the fundraiser page. “To help out how we can, we’ve joined forces with game creators, book publishers, and software makers around the globe for a bundle 100% dedicated to supporting the victims and refugees from Ukraine during this crisis.”

Currently, the fundraiser consists of a game bundle – over a hundred titles strong, including the likes of Metro: Exodus, Satisfactory, and Max Payne 3. For a minimum purchase of around $40 USD, you’ll get every game in the bundle. You can donate more, of course. Platforms like these love their pay-what-you-want models. “100% of the proceeds will go to Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief.”