Humble Bundle Halts Sales of Products To Russia and Belarus

Humble Bundle Halts Sales of Products To Russia and Belarus

Humble Bundle Inc. is a storefront for video games that grew in popularity over the past few years. The service offer a collection of games sold at a price that is determined by the purchasers. The special factor of the concept is that part of the moneys go to charitable organizations. Today, Humble Bundle Inc. have announced that it will suspend the sales of all Humble Bundle products and Humble Game titles in Russia and Belarus. The decision comes in light of the Russian invasion into Ukraine and a condemnation of the war as a result.

The release commences by indicating that Humble Bundle Inc. condemns the violence and unlawful invasion of Ukraine and the humaniatarian crisis that it has caused. As a result, the statement makes it clear that the sale of all Humble Bundle items and products will be halted in Russia and Belarus.

Furthermore, the company is working on a charity bundle to help victims and refugees of the war. The company will release additional details on the bundle in the coming weeks.

Moreover, the company, by its decision, has made it clear that its stands with Ukraine and against the war. Additionally, the release closes by asking that supporters donate to the Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps or Direct Relief if possible.

Humble Bundle Inc. is one of many companies that have halted sales in Russia and its allies due to the war.

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