Activision Blizzard Blames Microsoft for Not Hiring a Woman

It Is Somehow Microsoft’s Fault Activision Blizzard Failed to Hire a Women in Nearly Three Years

Activision Blizzard has failed to follow California law states that board of directors must have at least three women on them. They have also decided to blame their failure on Microsoft. Despite the fact that they had nearly three years of notice. Yeah, I don’t think this is somehow Microsoft’s fault.

Activision Blizzard wrote this in the latest annual report:

“To meet this requirement and improve the diversity of our Board of Directors, the Company retained a search firm and began interviewing potential additional female directors in 2021. However, since the Company’s current directors would cease to continue to serve on our Board of Directors upon consummation of our proposed transaction with Microsoft, we were unable to conclude the process in 2021. We will be continuing our efforts to appoint a new female director.”

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Activision Blizzard just really doesn’t like women. It’s honestly kind of just weird at this point. They already faced the lawsuit of a discriminatory workplace environment, and now they couldn’t hire a single woman for the board of directors in nearly three years.

Honestly, I’m always a little wary of video game acquisitions. I like studios staying independent. When it comes to Activision Blizzard, the Microsoft acquisition can’t go through quickly enough. The employees deserve better than Bobby Kotic’s inept leadership.

Hopefully, Activision Blizzard sees fundamental changes in the workplace with Microsoft. It won’t be easy, and it will take time, but it is clear that the culture needs to be re-worked from the ground up. Women should be treated as human beings.

Time will tell how this Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard turns out. However, I’m rather confident that things couldn’t get much worse than they are now.

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