Moss: Book 2 Devs Reveal Sequel’s New Details & Features

Moss: Book 2 Will Be Out Sometime This Spring

Moss: Book 2 is the second game in the highly popular virtual reality series Moss. Thankfully for fans, Polyarc has just revealed what enhancements the upcoming sequel will have at launch.

Your adventure with Quill continues in Moss: Book 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Moss,” confirmed Engineering Director Mike Felice. “Everyone has their favorite parts of the game, but the magic of Moss is rooted in the believable moments and true sense of immersion that shape our every experience and connection to the world.

moss book 2 devs reveal new details features

We will soon be rewarded with more of everything we fell in love with in the original,” Felice added. These include “fresh challenges, new game mechanics, extensive environments, epic enemy encounters, and more opportunities to bond with our favorite tiny mouse friend.”

Unfortunately, Moss: Book 2 devs did not reveal exactly when they are launching the game. However, they did confirm that the game will release at some point in spring of 2022.

Moss: Book 2 has players taking on the role of a tiny Quill. The main task of players is to navigate their way through a world that is much larger than the critter. To give the community a much more immersive experience, Polyarc has confirmed that they have been “chaining existing gameplay. logic and animations together.”

We are excited for you to feel the sense of scale once again with the addition of much larger rooms to explore,” Felice continued. “They allow us to create expansive multidimensional puzzles and platforming challenges you will have to work through with Quill within the context of a much larger single space.”

To make their way across the large rooms, devs “implemented seamless camera cuts using familiar transition fades with no load time.” “Now, you can reach new vantage points within the room, inspect previously unnoticeable details, discover secrets, and solve puzzles without worry of jarring motion or discomfort,” Felice added.