Lego Brawls Fights Its Way To Launch On Multiple Platforms In Summer

Lego Brawls Fights Its Way To Launch On Multiple Platforms In Summer

The world of Lego has expanded massively over the past few years and even entered the world of video games. The Lego Universe has seen various iterations including Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Today, it has been announced that Lego Brawls, an ultimate minifig brawler, will be heading to various platforms sometime later this year. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It is currently available to wishlist on Steam here.

The minute long trailer does a great job of highlighting the various character options available to players. It also highlights some of the combat, maps and the leaderboard.

In Lego Brawls, players will be able to build their ultimate minifig hero. These heroes will have their own styles, strategy and personality. The possibilities are endless and players can improve them by leveling through unlockable content. Some of the options include a janitor ninja, a clown and even a cactus.

One of the biggest draws of the game is the cross-play option across the four platforms. Players can team up and brawl 4v4 with friends or engage in a free-for-all battle royale mode. Each level has its own conditions and challenges. Furthermore, the game features some of the most popular Lego arenas including Barracuda Bay, the caverns of Ninjago Seabound and the mythical Monkie Kid Jungle.

Moreover, players with a competitive edge can push to become to best in the Leaderboards by checking their rank.

What are your thoughts on Lego games? Are you interested in Lego Brawls? Have you tried previous Lego games? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.