Moss, the Storybook PSVR Game, Release Date Finally Announced

Moss Finally Hits PSVR This Month

Have you been waiting for the immersive VR game starring a mouse ever since its reveal at E3? Well, have some great news for you; probably some of the best news since Ubisoft revealed 10-year support for Rainbow Six Siege (which was actually earlier today). Moss will be arriving next week!


Moss will be arriving on Tuesday, February 27, at 12 am ET. You heard that right, the game that was announced less than a year ago, which we’ve had scarce news of since, is releasing later this month. And it was only this month that we received an update after a long silence. Are you losing your mind yet?

In Moss, players assume the first-person perspective as they follow the adventure of Quill, a brave little mouse. You will guide him through dungeons and puzzles set within a robust Fantasy world. The best part of VR is the spectacle and the attachment you’ll have to the little hero. This is a storybook adventure with unparalleled beauty and immersion. Plus, to facilitate the playthroughs of all manner of creative individuals, Quill will even communicate with players in American Sign Language. You can discover more in COGconnected’s preview.

“…Our aim at Polyarc has been to make the most of the immersive, interactive potential of VR to build new worlds and tell new stories,” said Tam Armstrong, Game Developer & Co-Founder, Polyarc. “It’s been a great challenge creating Moss, but working with this technology and discovering the possibilities has been a deeply rewarding experience. None of this would have been possible without the energy and effort of every person here at Polyarc. I’m so proud of what we’ve created, and proud to be a part of this team that worked so hard to bring Quill and Moss to life.”

Check back for updates as we proceed into the surprising year that is 2018. You can pick up Moss for the PS4/PSVR when it arrives. As far as we know, the headset is required. Fortunately, it was recently reduced to a $199.99 price tag; you have until March 3rd to seize the deal.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog