Lost Ark is Already Steam’s Second Biggest Game of All Time

Hey So Apparently Lost Ark Kinda Exploded

Lost Ark. You’ve heard of it by now, and if you have friends that are into gaming, they’ve heard it too. If you’re into MMOs or Diablo-style games, you’ve probably played it yourself. That free-to-play model is just too enticing.

But, did you hear how popular it was, just moments after launch? It wasn’t meant to launch its free-to-play mode for a few days, and already hit half a million players. Only time would tell just how far this little Amazon-backed game could grow, and well… time told.

1.3 million concurrent players. Only 5 games in Steam’s history have broken 1 million concurrent players – Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Cyberpunk 2077 among them. That 1.3 million number puts Lost Ark firmly in 2nd place of all time, behind the hugely-influential PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

But with that said, Lost Ark still has a long way to go before it reaches that coveted #1 spot. PUBG’s peak was just above 3.2 million, which makes Lost Ark’s 1.3 million look tiny in comparison. The game’s got plenty of funding from Amazon Games, but do they have what it takes to snag PUBG’s crown?

It seems like they’ll have their own struggles to conquer first. Server issues have decimated the game’s Steam review score. Something that vital needs to be solved if Lost Ark is going to ever return to that 1.3 million peak, much less the 3.2 million of PUBG.

What do you think? Does Lost Ark have what it takes? Or is the MMO genre too niche in the modern market? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!