Play Battlefield 2042 for Free on Xbox This Weekend

It’s Cold Out, So Stay Inside and Give Battlefield 2042 a Try

If you haven’t had a chance to play Battlefield 2042, now is your opportunity. As a part of Xbox’s Free Play Days, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Pass Ultimate members will be able to play the first-person shooter all weekend.

battlefield 2042 pet robotic dog

This will give Xbox players a great opportunity to play a recently released game at no cost. Battlefield 2042 is EA’s latest entry into its first-person shooter series. The game takes place in the near future, featuring futuristic weapons and gadgets.

In addition, players who enjoy their free weekend will have an opportunity to get the full game at a discount. Battlefield 2042 is currently on sale, with various discounts depending on the edition. Notably, the standard edition for the game sees the largest discount at 33% off.

This news is a little surprising since the game was only released in November. However, the game has had a lot of issues since its debut. The game has suffered from a lot of bugs andglitches since its release.

EA and DICE have tried to make amends, but even a free holiday skin was not well received. Players deemed the Santa suit to be too silly for the game. All of this bad blood has already boiled over. It has gotten so bad that the game’s official subreddit may need to be shut down, having become incredibly toxic.

But hopefully this free weekend will be seen as a nice gesture from EA and give players a chance to try the game out without worsening the game’s reputation.

Xbox gamers can play Battlefield 2042 now until January 9 a 11:59 p.m. PST. Have you played the new game yet? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below.