Battlefield 2042’s Subreddit Is Now So Toxic It Could Go On Lockdown

Battlefield 2042’s Official Subreddit May Go On Lockdown

Battlefield 2042’s official subreddit page could potentially shut down. This will depend on whether or not the level of toxicity among the franchise’s community members die down. The game launched with a rocky start. Since then, its fans have constantly been criticizing DICE for a lack of communication and patches throughout the end of December.

EA Global Comms Director Andy McNamara has taken to social media to remind the gaming community that the Battlefield 2042 team is just now getting back to work after their holiday break.

battlefield 2042 toxic subreddit lockdown

Guys, people got to rest,” McNamara said. “We have things in motion, but we have to figure out what is possible.”

The devs want fans to understand that the changes they want “take time to scope, design, and execute.” “Let us get back from break and get back to work,” he added. “Love you guys, but these expectations are brutal.”

Many Battlefield 2042 fans were not too happy with the devs’ response. “We wanted a finished game,” one fan stated. “I guess this unfinished buggy sh*t is all you are capable of making.

I paid $100 for the game and it is only 20% finished, but you are doing some nice long holidays,” wrote another. “If the job as game developer is too hard, do not do it.

McNamara later deleted his tweets. He replaced it with an apology for not being too clear with what he intended to say.

Your message was very clear,” a Battlefield 2042 fan responded. “You cannot handle criticism and think it is okay to pump out a horribly gutted mess like Battlefield 2042.”

It is an understatement when we say that this subreddit has grown incredibly toxic,” the devs announced. “It is near impossible to have a simple discussion without insults being flung around at each other.

If the toxicity goes down, devs will leave the subreddit open. If the level stays where it is, they are going to start locking threads. And, if the toxicity increases, they are going to “lockdown the subreddit for a period of time.”

The choice is in your hands,” they said. “If you do not like the options available to you, you are welcome to unsubscribe and create your own community outlet.

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