We Now Know The Developer for the Next South Park Game

South Park’s Next Video Game Has Some Surprises In Store!

After the success of the last two South Park games, the possibility of another installment was certainly in the cards. Which is almost a tease, since it’s been years since the last game and we know very little about it. We know it exists, but that’s about it. Or, it was. We actually know more now! South Park’s brand is going to rock the gaming world again, and now know who to blame for it.

South Park Fractured but Whole HERO

We learned this information through a common sneaky source of info: job postings. The studio’s name? Fittingly enough, it’s the mysteriously-named Question Games.

They’re a team of developers with a history in the AAA game development space, including two previous South Park titles. Team members there have also worked on Dishonoured, Bioshock: Infinite, and Thief: Deadly Shadows. So while the studio isn’t the most prominent figure in the game development space, it’s clear that there’s some talent in store.

As of now, we don’t have much information on what this game will look like. We know that it’s in 3D, but that’s about it. But with that said, the job posting did offer a couple hints of maybe-probablys for us to chew on. One listed job requirement asked for people who’d shipped at least one multiplayer game as a senior level designer (or someone with equivalent experience). Multiplayer aspects seem like they’re on the table here! And though it’s a minor detail from a player’s perspective, the posting did state that the project ran on Unreal Engine 4. Whether any of these features will show up in the final product is yet to be seen, but they’re clearly looking at ’em!