South Park Snow Day Release Date Revealed

Embrace Winter Chaos with New Kid in This Co-op South Park Adventure, Releasing March 26, 2024

South Park Digital Studios and THQ Nordic invite players to dive back into the quirky world of South Park with their upcoming PvE game, South Park: Snow Day! In this uproarious adventure, players step into the shoes of the New Kid, navigating the chaos that ensues after a blizzard forces school closure. The game offers both solo and cooperative play, allowing players to team up with AI bots or join forces with up to three friends.

The recently released trailer unveils the official release date for Snow Day – March 26, 2024. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with a standard version priced at $29.99. For enthusiasts seeking additional perks, a Digital Deluxe Edition is on offer at $49.99.

South Park: Snow Day!

Collector’s Edition: A Blizzard of Exclusive Goodies

For die-hard fans eager to immerse themselves fully in the South Park experience, a Collector’s Edition has been introduced. Priced at $219.99, this edition includes a copy of the game, a Grand Wizard Cartman: Snow Globe, a Grand Wizard Cartman: Talking Toilet Paper Holder, a Grand Wizard Cartman: Knit Beanie, a selection of six Tarot Cards themed around the game and an original soundtrack.

Winter Combat Extravaganza

Snow Day delivers winter-themed combat featuring an array of melee and ranged weapons in true South Park style. The game introduces special abilities and powers, allowing players to unleash hilariously chaotic attacks on their rivals. As players progress, numerous cosmetic items become unlockable, allowing for a personalized touch to their characters.

With its unique blend of humor, winter mayhem, and cooperative gameplay,Snow Day  promises to be a memorable addition to the South Park gaming universe. Prepare for laughter, mayhem, and snowball fights as you embark on this comical journey starting March 26, 2024.