Steam Enhances Privacy Features with “Private Games” Option

Valve’s Latest Update Empowers Steam Users to Customize Game Visibility

Steam, one of the leading platforms for digital gaming distribution, has introduced a new feature known as “Private Games” as part of its recent privacy settings update. This enhancement offers users greater control over the visibility of their gaming activities on the platform.

Outlined in a detailed blog post by Valve, the Private Games feature allows Steam users to selectively hide specific games from their profiles. This privacy option comes into play right from the moment a user adds a game to their cart. By marking a game as private, users can conceal crucial details such as ownership, in-game status, playtime, and overall activity related to that particular game.

The primary objective of this update is to provide Steam users with an additional layer of control, enabling them to curate their gaming profile according to their preferences. While users may choose to share most of their gaming library with friends, the Private Games feature empowers them to keep a few titles exclusively for their own enjoyment.

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To implement this privacy setting, users can designate a game as private either directly in their shopping cart by selecting “For my account: private” or within their game list and Steam Client Library. This flexibility ensures a seamless and personalized approach to managing game visibility.

Valve has also introduced some notable changes to the shopping cart, particularly for those enrolled in the Steam Client Beta. With the introduction of Inline gifting, users can now purchase gifts for multiple friends and themselves in a single transaction. Additionally, shopping carts have been synchronized across all devices, streamlining the user experience.

While these features are currently available in the Steam Client Beta for testing, Valve is expected to roll them out for all users once the beta phase concludes. These updates align with Steam’s ongoing commitment to providing a user-friendly and customizable gaming platform that caters to the diverse preferences of its community.