Outerverse Launches Itself into Early Access

Cubic Space Arrives to Early Access

Prepare to explore a cubic universe. Indie Developer Tbjbu2’s single-player space exploration game, Outerverse has launched in early access today. Made by sole developer, Tbjbu2, the game provides a different take on the exploration, sandbox, genre. A press release about the game provides more details. 

“Bringing a fan favorite genre into the stars is something that excites me as a player even more than a developer,” Says Tbjbu2 in the release.

Outerverse Feature

 Outerverse features a cubic universe to explore. Players play as a Cubi-naut, a survivor of a cataclysmic even brought by six cubic colossi. Your mission as a Cubi-naut is to explore beyond the reaches of the known universe by delving into the Outerverse. Find the giants and kill them while you explore different planets. Right now, there are six differing planet types that feature set pieces from broken infrastructure to giant aliens. 

Currently, the game features over sixty quests across three story arcs known as Ages. Each of these arcs end with a universe changing event so you best be prepared. Throughout the quests the player will develop new tech, find new ways to explore, and reduce the colossi into pebbles. Additionally, more and more upgrades and ways to play become available as you progress. 

Outerverse is now in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. As of right now, the game features support in English with more languages coming later. So, are you excited to explore the Outerverse?