Necesse Enters the Multiverse With Multiplayer Update

Endless Worlds to Explore

One of the best aspects of open-world sandbox is the ability to explore and build with friends. Now, you can join others on a journey across a multiverse of endless sandboxes. Today, Hooded Horse and Fair Games are happy to announce the latest major update for their open-world sandbox game, Necesse, is out now. The update, known as the “Multiplayer Update”, introduces its namesake to the game. The update is allowing players to join their friends across various sandboxes across the “Necesseverse”. Yet, the update is bringing a host of content for solo play as well. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of the update.


Necesse’s newest update is taking the game’s sandbox exploration and crafting mechanics to new worlds. Importantly, players can now join their friends in their very own worlds. Luckily, players do not even need to make a new character to adventure to their friends worlds. In fact, players can bring their entire inventory to a new world, or go empty handed and collect what they’d like and bring it back with them. Of course, players who join their friends can give them a hand in building their world, crafting items, and everything they would be able to do solo. 

However, the introduction of multiplayer to Necesse is far from all in the update. Solo players can expect new survival game modes, a reworked endgame, and NPC systems. Importantly, gamers can check out the new update trailer for a look at the game. View the trailer below. 

Necesse’s newest update is out now. The game is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access for $9.99.