Darkest Dungeon II Announces First DLC: The Binding Blade

A Blade in the Darkness 

The darkness grows deeper. Roaming monsters seek to wreak havoc and bring death. Yet, have no fear. For two new heroes are arriving to help fight back the dark. A shining champion and a poised warrior carry the light with them. Today, Red Hook Studios is happy to announce the first DLC arriving to their turn-based RPG roguelike, Darkest Dungeon II. The DLC, titled “The Binding Blade”, introduces two new characters to the game along with a host of new features. The characters, the fan-favorite Crusader, and a brand new character the duelist, are bringing new playstyles to the game. Of course, a new DLC launch trailer gives fans a look at the new characters and what awaits them in game. 

Darkest Dungeon II  allows players to step back into the Lovecraftian darkness that only an expedition of the damned can provide. Now, two new characters are joining the game’s roster of heroes. In fact, one of these characters is a beloved hero from the first game: the Crusader. Focusing on frontline combat with special healing and stress relief skills, the Crusader is an essential warrior to protect the weaker members of the party. However, the second new character, the Duelist, introduces a new stance switching mechanic to the game. Allowing players to use both the aggressive and defensive stances, the Duelist  fits the best of both worlds, taking enemy defenses and buffing the team. 

Of course Darkest Dungeon II’s new DLC also introduces a new, roaming boss, The Warlord. Furthermore, the DLC introduces new quests and more. Take a look at the launch trailer for a glimpse of The Binding Blade in all of its glory. View the trailer below. 

Darkest Dungeon II is out on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Binding Blade DLC is available now.