Guardians of Holme Version 1.0 Is Coming Out This Week

Protect the Kingdom in Guardians of Holme

Developer MossTech Studio and publisher indienova will launch version 1.0 of Guardian of Holme on 14 December. Watch out because there will be brand-new content such as heroes, cards, skills, and relics. Along with some amazing balance adjustments for a better experience.

The price of the game will still be the same as it was during the Early Access which is $12.99. But, it will be available with a 10% launch discount in the first week of its release.

Guardians of Holme

Guardians of Holme is a tower defense game with deckbuilding and roguelite elements. In the distant past, the legendary hero sealed away the Demon King after he almost destroyed the entire world. And the demons were forced to the outskirts of civilization.

Over time, the memories of the anguish and hardship from that era gradually faded from people’s minds. However, dormant demons resurfaced one day, advancing towards the thriving Royal City, where the protective barriers were stationed.

Confronted by hordes of demonic forces, the player steps inside the shoes of a proficient artisan from Holme. The goal is to guide the valiant citizens of the realm in safeguarding their native land. Use clever tactics and an array of traps to fortify the kingdom’s final line of defense.