Here’s what’s coming to Xbox Game’s Pass this November

Here’s what we’ll be seeing from Xbox’s Game Pass this November 2021

Since we covered what will be coming out for PlayStation’s Plus subscription this month, as well as go over Nintendo’s Online Expansion Pack, it seems only fair that we highlight what we will be seeing from Xbox’s Game Pass this November. There are a number of releases that subscribers will be able to enjoy throughout the month as they’ve released- some of which will be coming out as early as November second. Not all of them are available on both PC and Xbox, so read carefully!


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For November second, subscribers can get copies of Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Editions on PC. This can be played on Windows 10 and 11! Still Minecraft, still something worth playing. There is also Unpacking, which can be found on the Cloud, Console, and PC. This promises to be an interesting narrative experience where the player learns about the character through a zen-like puzzle experience.

For November fourth, It Takes Two arrives on Cloud, Console, PC! This adventure game goes over the power of teamwork in a lighthearted adventure-oriented narrative, and friends can be invited to play online with a Friend’s Pass! Frankly, the game style looks too adorable not to play, at least a little. On the other hand, Kill it with Fire is also coming out on the Cloud, Console, and PC. And it’s about hunting spiders and causing all sorts of chaos with various weapons and massive collateral damage across a suburbia setting. Which, not going to lie, does sound like great stress relief, especially for days you’re cooped up in the house.

Those who are wanting something a little more sporty, fret not! There’s Football Manager 2022 coming out on PC, and Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition coming Cloud, Console, and PC on November ninth! On both editions, players can work towards becoming managerial icons as they build their dream team and execute strategies to become champions.  For those with a need for speed, Forza Horizon 5 will be coming out the same day! The game offers the open-world landscapes of Mexico where players can drive the world’s best cars. They will also be able to compete in various campaigns, all the while pushing themselves, and their chosen cars, to the limit.

On November 11th, the wait will be over as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition will be released for consoles. This game will have been updated for the newest console generation, promising updated lightning, environmental upgrades, and much much more for a great gaming experience. One Step from Eden, a deck-building game with real-time action will also be released on Console and PC. This can be played solo or with a friend, making for a lively time as players attempt to make it to Eden.

There are some various updates and possible perks included as well, and a reminder that on November 15th, the following games will be leaving the Xbox Game’s Pass library: Final Fantasy VIII HD (Console and PC), Planet Coaster (Cloud and Console), Star Renegades (Cloud, Console, and PC), Streets of Rogue (Cloud, Console, and PC), The Gardens Between (Cloud, Console, and PC) and
River City Girls (Cloud, Console, and PC).

For those interested, an Xbox Game’s Pass can be had for 11.99 CAN  per month for the PC or Console. The Xbox Ultimate Pass, which covers both console and pc, is 16.99 CAN per month.

Are you interested in any of the games listed above? Let us know in the comments below!