WayForward Celebrates Halloween with River City Girls 2 Song

Trick or Treat

WayForward is known for their stylish games and catchy music. The Shantae series and the first River City Girls game are a testament to that. Yesterday, on All Hallows’ AKA Halloween, WayForward released a topical and teasing track for the upcoming River City Girls 2.

The song strikes a haunting, yet pop-y tone. It seems to be about a witch threatening children trespassing on her lawn. Fans of WayForward may recognize the singer as Megan McDuffee, who composed the music in River City Girls and sang some of the songs. She has returned for River City Girls 2 as well.

River City Girls Character Spotlight

This is not just a fun thing to show fans on Halloween though. It seems that there will be a spooky-witchy level at some point in the game. At least something significant enough to justify such a banger. If the gif attached to the song is any indication, Misako and Kyoko may end up brawling with a witch.

For those patiently awaiting the release of River City Girls 2, there is no update on a solid release date, but it will still be coming out sometime in 2022. To sate your RCG appetite, the localization of Kunio-Tachi no banka, River City Girls Zero will be coming out on Nintendo Switch sometime in December. Megan McDuffee is also composing a new song for that release as well.

Hopefully, a bunch more songs of this caliber will be on the RCG2 soundtrack. River City Girls 2 will be coming out in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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