Scream Queens: The Sexiest Characters from Horror Video Games

Scream Queens: The Sexiest Characters from Horror Video Games

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve taken this opportunity to consider some of the sexiest good, and evil, video game characters from the horror video game genre. These scream queens have endured all manner of haunting hijinks, and look absolutely stunning in the process. We’ve got fan favourites hotties from the likes of Resident Evil, Darkstalkers, Eternal Darkness, and, of course, Bayonetta. Enjoy!

Aya Brea – Parasite Eve series

She’s as tough as she is stunning. We’d love to see Aya back in action soon!

Felicia – Darkstalkers series

Meow! (I mean, what else needs to be said?)

Tatiana Gutierrez – The Evil Within series

scream queens

Hello Nurse!

Morrigan Aensland – Darkstalkers series

She’ll kick your ass if you even look at her the wrong way. But it’d be totally worth it.

Alexandra Roivas – Eternal Darkness

GameCube Feature Screen 20

Eternal Darkness was filled with bizarre & haunting distractions. She was a bit distracting too!

Juliet Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw

lollipop chainsaw is back

There’s just something about cheerleaders…


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