We Get Our First Look at Kyoko and Misako in the River City Girls Teaser

Baseball Bats and Spiked Knuckles

The first game in the River City Ransom series came out just over 30 years ago on the NES. While games back then didn’t have much going for them in terms of plot, the basic premise of the game was about two high school students Ryan and Alex. They were on a quest across River City to rescue Ryan’s kidnapped girlfriend Cyndi. 30 years later, the roles have changed. We meet Kyoko and Misako on their quest to rescue their boyfriends in the new River City Girls teaser released earlier this week.

River City Girls Teaser

River City Girls is being developed by WayForward, who is the team behind the Shantae series. The trailer shows the basic plot of the game where the girls’ boyfriends get kidnapped, so Kyoko and Misako have to beat everyone up to get them back. Like the Shantae 5 anime opening, also released earlier this week, this trailer has a sweet, rocking tune to accompany the game. Also like the Shantae 5 teaser, this track features the voice of Christina Vee, who voices Shantae and Risky Boots. Given her relationship with WayForward, perhaps she will also have a speaking role in River City Girls.

The River City Girls trailer shows off a pixelated beat ’em up game, staying true to the River City franchise’s MO. Even though the trailer opens with cute schoolgirls getting made up and ready for class, we quickly see that Misako and Kyoko are vicious and brutal young ladies ready to take on the world. River City Girls is coming out on September 5th, 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: YouTube