Halo Infinite’s Intros Aren’t Unskippable After All

Halo Infinite Players Can Skip the Game’s Intros

Halo Infinite has two intro scenes that many fans initially thought were unskippable. However, some fans of the game have discovered a way to go around them. Sadly, only Steam players —so far—are the ones who will be able to do it.

Unskippable intro videos have always been the bane of a gamer’s existence. Majority of the gaming community are not huge fans of these videos, yet game developers still insist on reminding the public who made the game.

halo infinite intro

Thankfully for players who play Halo Infinite on Steam, there seems to be a workaround. Instead of sitting and waiting for around six minutes, they can completely skip these intros by simply deleting them. 

Apparently, Halo Infinite’s two intro scenes are merely a couple of MP4 files that are sitting in the game’s directory. The first one is a 20-second logo reel. The second one is a longer shot of mountains—lasting for nearly two minutes. As the game plays, it finishes loading the game’s main menu, and several others for credits and tutorials.

Halo Infinite can skip straight to the main menu by deleting the logo video and launching the game. Normally, the game will keep loading in the background during the video. However, certain PCs can finishing loading long before the video has ended once the workaround has been implemented.

Apart from simply getting rid of the intro, a Halo Infinite player also discovered that they can replace the default intro video with whatever they want. As long as the new material has the same title as the one the default had, it will reportedly play.

Several Halo Infinite fans have started to delete the video entirely. Many also decided to just make a copy before removing it and just keeping it out of the folder. This way, they can easily add it back if needed.

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