Battlefield 2042 Already Has Over 14,000 Negative Reviews

Battlefield 2042 Fans Aren’t Too Happy With the Game

Battlefield 2042 is finally out for the gaming public today, but it seems to be off to a rocky start. As of the moment, the game has “mostly negative” reviews—garnering more than 14,000—on Steam, and just a few thousand that reflected positive feedback.

The game was launched only after a week in early access for players who pre-ordered the game and Xbox Game Pass and EA Play subscribers. Despite that short of a time, Battlefield 2042 has somehow managed to make almost all of its players unhappy. Some top influencers in the Battlefield 2042 community, however, have chosen to remain quiet about its multitude of issues.

battlefield 2042 negative reviews on steam

A lot of the negative reviews echo a common sentiment, and that is the observation that DICE has taken Battlefield 2042 too much away from the traditional Battlefield gameplay. Other players have cited major disruptive bugs as their main problem. Players have voiced out their annoyance regarding the game’’s cringy voice lines, while others were not too pleased with the design of the in-game map. The list of complaints continues with a faulty bullet spread that makes shooting less accurate and more difficult, as well as a lack of certain game modes.

However, majority of the negative reviewers have complained that Battlefield 2042 is missing a lot of key features, such as the lack of a traditional scoreboard. Another common complaint revolves around Battlefield 2042’s specialists. The game has a new character roster that has replaced the traditional class structure that has always been featured in the game’s predecessors.

They swapped classes—a Battlefield staple—for specialists because they would be easier to monetize,complained one Battlefield 2042 fan. “They got rid of so many great details and gameplay additions from old Battlefields so they could focus on making the game more sellable, not playable.”

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