Battlefield 2042 Devs Remove Prox Sensor With No ETA on Return

Battlefield 2042 Devs Have Disabled the Prox Sensor to Fix Rubberbanding

Battlefield 2042 has a multitude of gadgets and DICE has just decided to temporarily disable one of them. Apparently, the game’s Prox Sensor was causing rubberbanding in the game’s Conquest and Breakthrough modes. 

We are going to sustain this temporary change and keep the Prox Sensor inactive for the time being,” Battlefield 2042 devs wrote on social media. “Our investigations have shown that this change is helping to improve server performance.”

battlefield 2042 prox sensor disabled

Sadly, they did not provide information on when they are going to bring it back. “We will let you know when this throwable has been re-enabled,” they continued.

Battlefield 2042’s Prox Sensor is a throwable gadget that can be unlocked when players reach Level 22. It is one of the few spotting devices that players use within the game so that they could identify and track enemies near their location. DICE did not give any explanation on how it was causing the rubberbanding, but they did reveal that keeping it disabled temporarily is worth the “unintended consequences.”

One of these said consequences is a visual bug that lets a selected throwable appear as a different throwable in the Battlefield 2042 deploy screen. Despite this bug, DICE has confirmed that players will still be spawning with the throwable that they selected.

Another consequence is one that only affects players who had the Prox Sensor in their active loadout at the time that it was disabled. DICE then announced in their known issues tracking post that changes to that loadout will now be lost between rounds.

Battlefield 2042 was launched to the gaming public with early access and also with its 10-hour EA Play trial on November 12th. At launch, its servers clearly struggled with rubberbanding and “persistence data” errors, but fans of the game have noticed that gameplay is now generally smoother now.

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