Battlefield 2042 Devs Assure Fans Features Not in Beta Will Be in Game

Battlefield 2042’s Features That Were Missing in the Beta Will Be in the Full Game

Battlefield 2042 players have noticed that there was a number of features missing in the game’s beta version. However, Electronic Arts has confirmed that these lacking elements will be present in the final game.

DICE, an EA studio, has reminded the gaming community that the Battlefield 2042 beta was largely based on an older version of the game. With that said, they have reassured the Battlefield 2042 community that those trademark features will not be missing once the main game has been launched.

battlefield 2042 missing open beta features

In the Battlefield 2042 beta, players were not able to bring up the full map. Because of the absence of this key feature, players were unable to see the full stage, as well as analyze where the main battles were taking place. However, DICE has confirmed that the ability to view the full map will be present in the full version of the game.

Big Map, as we refer to it internally, was disabled in the beta,” DICE stated. “You will be able to pull this up at any time during live gameplay, by pressing the View/Touchpad button on console, or M on PC.”

This feature, which has always been present in past Battlefield installments, will provide players with an immediate overview of the areas that major battles are taking place. It will also show where “squad mates are fighting,” as well as give a “live breakdown of how the flags are flying inside of each sector.”

Another feature, the Commo Rose, will also be present in the full Battlefield 2042 game, despite being a no-show in its beta version. The Commo Rose feature will allow players to let their team mates know their location, as well as anything that they need. It can be activated by holding down a button and accessing a number of quick actions.

Although the Ping System was present in the beta, Battlefield 2042 devs have promised that they will be improving it, especially after complaints that the feature was oftentimes unresponsive. “Ping was not working as well as we would have liked during the Open Beta,” the devs said. “But, at launch, you can expect it to function more responsively when you are pinging locations, assets, and enemy soldiers.”

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