Battlefield 2042 Beta Players Can’t Tell Who’s on Which Side of the Fight

Battlefield 2042’s Beta Players Can’t Tell Which Players Are on Their Side

Battlefield 2042’s beta testing has given players the opportunity to experience its new Specialists, but the new class system that came with them were not received positively by the community. Although the new Specialists have unique gadgets that make gameplay a lot more interesting, they have reportedly made it difficult for anyone playing the game to tell who is who on the battlefield, or what role each of the players actually have.

battlefield 2042 beta test complaints

Love getting mowed down by a fat dude with a machine gun and having five grandmas run past me without reviving me because they did not know I was on their team,” complained one Battlefield 2042 player. This player was referring to Specialist Falck, who is a support character that has a pistol that shoots healing syringes.

Another common issue brought up by Battlefield 2042 beta players was that it is now more difficult to round up their squad, since they simply cannot tell which of their team mates is carrying the supplies that they need. There is no way for them to figure out if their squad mate is carrying an explosive, ammo boxes, or a medkit.

Being able to tell who is playing on which side of the fight has also been a problem for a lot of Battlefield 2042 beta players. “I wish they had faction-specific skin because it was awkward in the play test,” said one player. “I found myself shooting at or being shot at by team mates pretty consistently.” With that said, many beta tests have decided to simply shoot fist and ask questions later.

I walked around a corner playing as Mackay and witnessed an enemy Mackay shooting at his friendly Mackay,added another Battlefield 2042 beta tester. “Scored two free ones there.”

Although a lot of the comments regarding Battlefield 2042’s beta test was negative, there were still some that are relatively on the positive side. A portion of the franchise’s fanbase are willing to roll with everything that has been observed and see if the changes will keep things fresh.