The Battlefield 2042 Beta Starts Today for Select Few; Opens up Oct. 8

Beta Releases with Little Content and A Few Issues

After a month’s delay in its final release, the Battlefield 2042 beta has finally opened up today for a select few – EA Play subscribers and people who have pre-ordered the game.  Although Battlefield 2042 is supposed to launch next month, the beta has very limited content and does not bode well for a game that is on the verge of officially releasing next month on November 19th.

battlefield 2042 beta release date

The launch today went off fairly well, with a few minor issues – as usual for a beta.  Early on, EA admits that they faced some “early capacity issues.”  Although the issue should be almost fixed, there is a “small percentage of players still having issues.”  If you still are having issues getting into servers, then EA’s announcement confirms that they are currently working on upscaling the servers.  The issue will probably be fixed, although it is concerning that the beta would be having server issues this early in – without having been opened up to the general public yet.

In addition, there have been reports of performance issues or bugs on the EA bug report forum.  Rest assured, the current beta version is not the one that will be released in a month.  An EA dev confirmed that “our Open Beta was branched from our Full Release client a few months ago,” which means that the final release will be several months ahead of the beta version everyone is playing currently.  In terms of content, the beta is a bit starved for gameplay.  Currently, EA has only released one game mode “Conquest” and one map “Orbital.”  In addition, there are only four specialists available.

What do you think of the beta so far?  Are you excited to play the beta when it opens to the public in 2 days? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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