Sifu Release Date Gets Pushed Up By Two Weeks

I Also Learned That “Sifu” Means “Master”

There is some exciting news for fans of video games and kung fu. Slocap’s upcoming game Sifu has just been pushed forward toward an earlier release. Earlier in the Summer, Sifu’s release date when from a 2021 release to 2022, specifically late February, but that release date has been bumped up by two weeks.

Developer Sloclap and PlayStation have announced that Sifu’s new release date will be February 8th and have a couple of new gameplay trailers to show off to fans. The Combat Overview trailer shows players how balance impacts the game’s difficulty. Striking enemies will impact their balance, which can deteriorate to a point where they can be taken down easily, but the same goes for the player. The player can block, evade, duck, and leap in response to an enemy attack, but evading is the most efficient way to deal with incoming attacks.


Players can also build up a focus meter, which will slow down time and allow the player to select specifically targeted attacks to chain into a devastating combo. Focus can be used to save their own skin or take on powerful enemies.

If you are looking forward to the release of Sifu on PC or PlayStation, you have training. Watch the Ip Man movies, they’re on Netflix. You will hear pretty much every character say “sifu” when referring to Donnie Yen as Master Ip.

Shifu is the Mandarin word for skillful person or master, while the Cantonese word Sifu also extends the meaning to a father or father-figure. Learning this creates a deeper meaning for the upcoming game, as the character is on a revenge quest to avenge his master, who is also likely a father figure. By the end of the journey, your character will likely also become a Sifu in their own right.

Sifu will be coming out on February 8th for PC, PS4, and PS5.

Will you avenge your sifu before you are an old man? Let us know in the comments below.