New Sifu Release Date Set for February, Discount on Deluxe Edition

Enter My Fist

The Kung Fu action game Sifu has a new release date. Developer Sloclap suffered a bit of a delay earlier this year, announced during State of Play, but it looks like fans now have a better idea of when they can play Sifu.

The main and most interesting gameplay mechanic in Sifu is that every time your character dies, they age several years. If you get too old before you get to the end of the game, well you die die.


Sifu’s new release date is in February 2022 and this announcement comes with a new gameplay trailer. It shows more of the same, but that’s okay, since we are going to be seeing a lot of it when we play. That and it’s awesome to watch, regardless. There are a couple of new things to mention though.

We see that players will be fighting in a ton of different environments. Not just dirty back alleys and warehouses, but in places like nightclubs and what look like museums and art installations. Sifu is cultured, man. We also see a few variations in weapons that players can find scattered around, such as knives and lead pipes.

Now that we have a new release date, fans are able to pre-order the game. There are also some savings to be had. Buying the Deluxe Edition on Epic Games Store or from the PlayStation Store as a PS Plus member, you can save 10%. The Deluxe Edition comes with the Sifu digital art book and soundtrack.

You can take revenge for your sensei in Sifu on February 22nd when it comes to PC, PS4, and PS5.

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