Helpless Guardians Viscously Pranked by Rick Astley Himself

There’s Nothing They Could Have Done. They Were Trapped, and The Script Was Merciless.

Eidos-Montreal, the developers of the new Guardians of the Galaxy title, are a bunch of evil little tricksters, aren’t they? Oh, what, does that label surprise you? It shouldn’t, you ignorant fool. A freshly-released advertisement for the game featured some recognizable faces from the streaming space, but a certain someone isn’t afraid of stealing the spotlight. They are about to be caught in a deadly trap, the “Galaxy’s Greatest Rickroll.”

After committing such a heinous act, Rick Astley had this to say: “For years I’ve been biding my time, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to take back ownership of the Rickroll. When I found out Never Gonna Give You Up was in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, it was clear this was the opportunity I had been waiting for!”

But in all seriousness – as cheesy as the video is, it’s clear that everyone involved was having a good time. It’s an ad, sure, but come on. This is so much better than the generic “oooo look at all these ‘cinematic’ cutscene moments!” trailers we usually get.

The video shows off two of the game’s features: the “huddle” mechanic (which “gives players the opportunity to motivate the Guardians during combat by giving them a pep talk that takes inspiration from famous song lyrics”), and the game’s deliciously 80s soundtrack. It was already announced that Rick Astley’s music would be referenced in some capacity, and with this ad, that move was taken to its next logical step.

“I’m genuinely excited to be part of the game’s soundtrack, to feature alongside so many wonderful songs that defined a decade and have personally influenced my youth and musical career.” Rick Astley said. “With the game’s music focused on the ‘80s, I expect many gamers, particularly the younger ones, will be hearing some of the featured tracks for the first time. I hope these songs bring players the same joy and inspiration they gave me, and spur them on while they’re saving the Galaxy!”