BLUE BOX Game Studios Has Received Death Threats Over Abandoned

Gamers Try Not to Be the Worst Challenge

As a gamer, I have the full right to say this: gamers are sometimes the worst people to deal with. BLUE BOX Game Studios is getting a front-row seat in seeing just how terrible The Gamers can be since they are receiving death threats from them.

abandoned ps5 app

On Twitter, BLUE BOX Game Studios has come out asking The Gamers to stop sending them death threats. They are human beings making a video game. They are working hard and don’t need this kind of harassment. Frankly, nobody needs this kind of harassment.

This is always such a frustrating situation. BLUE BOX game Studios is not the first and certainly won’t be the last studio to receive death threats from people who are supposedly fans of video games. It is undeniable that BLUE BOX Games Studios hasn’t handled the marketing of Abandoned well at all. That doesn’t warrant threats to their lives. At all.

It does have to stop. Not just to BLUE BOX Game Studio, but to every studio. This is an entirely unnecessary and harmful action. A death threat doesn’t solve anything. It won’t make the game come out sooner. It won’t fix the way it has been marketed. It won’t make the game better. All that is happening is that you are making the people behind the game miserable.  What do you think that actually accomplishes?

This is far too common in the gaming sphere, and it is a huge reason I just don’t interact with the community much when I can avoid it. I don’t talk in online games. I don’t use text chat very often. It is rare that I’ll join a guild because there is a good chance I’ll just meet miserable people, and I have no patience for it. Sometimes, games are disgusting people.

Source: Twitter