Gotham Knights Shows off the Court of Owls in New Trailer

The Court of Owls Rises

Gotham Knights has received a new trailer showcasing the fabled Court of Owls. It looks like our team of heroes is up against a threat they aren’t used to dealing with. The Court knows everything that happens in Gotham, and they have little interest in losing their power.

Just who is our team of heroes? Even without Batman, you have a strong lineup here with Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Nightwing ready to take on the Court of Owls in this third-person, open-world action RPG.

The trailer also introduces our heroes with The Penguin. A classic villain, The Penguin, doesn’t seem too villainous this time around as he seems to be giving our heroes some information on the Court of Owls. It remains to be seen precisely why he is doing this, but it is a very interesting plot hook.

The story, in general, is very interesting. I don’t know too much about DC comics, but a secret organization that controls the fate of Gotham is a very great idea. There is a lot that can be done with that, and I’m certainly hooked. I want to know how everything is going to play out.

With the new story trailer comes a behind-the-scenes look at the Court of Owls. You have people who have worked on The Court of Owls talking with people working on Gotham Knights about what the Court of Owls means and how to best translate that into video game format. If you are a fan of more in-depth looks, it isn’t too bad. The trailer is a bit short and doesn’t go into too much information, but I always enjoy looks like this.

Source: Press Release

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