Gotham Knights Release Date Pushed Back to 2022

Prep Time Is Everything for the Bat Family

It’s pretty incredible that since December, every time a studio announces that their game will be delayed, the initial response is someone saying, “Please, take all the time you need.” It’s kind of like when a mugger pulls a gun on someone and they plead, “Just take my wallet and leave.” There’s kind of a fear, because they know what it is like to get a rushed game. In related news, Gotham Knights has officially been pushed back into 2022. Earlier today, developer Warner Bros. Montreal broke the news.

Gotham Knights Trailer

The message is short and bittersweet. Fans deserve the best game possible, thank you for your support, more news in the coming weeks and months, blah blah blah. They need more time. Understandable. Anything it takes to show us Nightwing’s butt in 4K. There was no official, concrete release date anyway. We were just told 2021, but that won’t be happening anymore. We don’t even know all that much about the game other than the basic concept of playing as the Bat Family and the RPG elements that set it apart from the Arkham series.

Gotham Knights was expected to launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5 initially, but we have yet to hear if this timetable change will affect the supporting platforms. The farther we get from today, the less likely more games will be coming out for the consoles of last year. Maybe once the PS5 and Xbox Series X are more consistently available, developers will start phasing out development on the Xbox One and PS4. Who knows when that will be though. Gotham Knights is now expected to launch in 2022 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5.

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