Gotham Knights Trailer Debuts at DC FanDome

Welcome to the Bat Family

Finally, Rocksteady’s follow-up to Batman: Arkham Knight has been revealed. Both a gameplay walkthrough and a trailer have now been released during the first day of DC FanDome. The gameplay and cinematic trailers confirm a lot of the rumors and teases we have seen over the past year or so. First, the Court of Owls will be playing a part in the game. The end of the trailer shows them in all their underground, terrifying glory. Secondly, it is a sequel to Arkham Knight. The trailer begins with Batman’s death note to the rest of the Bat Family. And Third, we get to play as the Bat Family.

Gotham Knights Trailer

The trailer shows us a video from Bruce Wayne to Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood, declaring them the new heroes and defenders of Gotham. We see them unite to take on the city’s criminals. They each have their own unique gadgets and tools at their disposal. Robin has his bowstaff, Batgirl has her nightsticks, Nightwing has his escrima sticks, and Red Hood has… well, guns. We also see some, um? Teleporting from Robin? That’s pretty cool.

The gameplay trailer has also confirmed that there will be co-op options for players, so we will be able to fight crime back-to-back when this game comes out. Gotham Knights is expected to launch in 2021. No supporting platforms have been specified.

Does Gotham Knights looks like what you were expecting? Let us know in the comments below.