Elden Ring Gameplay Leaked With Plenty of New Information

At Least We Know Elden Ring Still Exists

Fans who have been following FromSoftware’s new IP “Elden Ring” from the start back in June 2019 have been craving some more details, let alone actual gameplay. Thanks to leakers, we finally have some tangible footage.

A build of the game that is a few weeks old is seen running on an Xbox One, posted by Jeff Grubb on Twitter.

The footage shows very little about the game, only revealing some of the character design, skybox and basic world design. We are treated to a teaser of a towering castle’s silhouette in the distance but are left to our imaginations when it comes to anything else. The player runs along a cliffside to disturb a pair of eagles, showcasing some more of the visuals. There appear to be ruins of some kind all over the area, with nature retaking the stone monuments. The center of the map appears to be taken up by some kind of fantastical tree, emanating a piercing yellow glow that could blind anyone with a good quality HDR display. For more information on the game world, check out this post.

In typical FromSoftware fashion, the world feels mystical and mysterious. The green and yellow colour palette evokes a connection to nature, while the castle in the background casts a sobering grey tone on the vivid natural world. This could turn out to be a bewilderingly beautiful treat for your eyes. Perhaps the eagles present a gameplay element similar to the fox in Ghost of Tsushima, where following them presents the player with a reward for their effort. It would, after all, fit with the theme and aesthetic.

elden ring steam

We can assume that gameplay will be similar to that of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, as that’s what the studio is famous for. The story of the game is deliberated no further, but we have an article detailing all the lore we know so far. It is unclear on which version of Xbox One the game is running on but we can hope for buttery smooth performance on next-gen consoles, especially if the preview is running on the original Xbox One from 2013. Our guess would be an Xbox One X with how stable the framerate is.

For now, we are left to speculate on the game due to the silence from BANDAI NAMCO and FromSoftware. COGConnected will keep you updated as new information on the game is released. “Elden Ring” is set to release in January 2022 and will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.