Elden Ring Will Allow Players to Travel Seamlessly Across Worlds

Elden Ring’s Official Steam Page Has Gone Live

Elden Ring was officially and fully revealed to the gaming community early this summer, but it was only just now that the game’s Steam page went live. The page, as a whole, does not entirely bring surprises, but it does feature some screenshots from the game that fans have been waiting to take a look at. Thankfully for Elden Ring fans, the page also highlighted some new information about what to expect when the game is finally launched on January 21, 2022.

elden ring steam

Since the title was pushed for development in 2017, there has been little to no information about it. This is perhaps why the mere existence of its Steam page has sent its fans into a frenzy. Further details on the Elden Ring gameplay were provided, specifically about its character customization, open world features, and online play. The most notable description that was provided was that Elden Ring gameplay will allow players to travel seamlessly across different worlds. Nothing much about the lore was revealed, except for the hype that it will be one “epic drama.”

Elden Ring, just like the other games from From Software, will also feature a main character who is going to hold a special title. From Software is quite known for creating a world that showcases a protagonist who does not necessarily turn out to be the storyline’s hero. Instead, the main character will be provided with the choice of taking the universe to a certain direction. The lead character may bring the world to light or plunge it into darkness.

The Tarnished—the protagonist in Elden Ring—is expected to help in restoring the balance in the world by making sure that the natural cycles are kept intact. The shattering of the Elden Ring became the catalyst of the imbalance and brought on the world’s unending curse. It will then be up to the main character to restore the Elden ring itself.