Blue Box Studios Try To Clear Up The Abandoned Controversy – Again

Abandon Your Tinfoil Hats

It seems that the rabid conspiracy surrounding the upcoming release of Blue Box Studios’ Abandoned has been thoroughly shot down following the anticlimactic release of their much-hyped PS5 ‘Realtime Experience App‘ and the first teaser on the app. Now, Blue Box Studios founder Hasan Kahraman has given an interview to NME trying to clear up exactly what Abandoned is – and at this point, it sure doesn’t look like it’s Silent Hill.


In the interview, Kahraman outlines what Abandoned actually is, along with explaining the many last-minute delays and assorted pieces of evidence used to link the game to Hideo Kojima. Unfortunately NME don’t reveal the “lengthy breakdown of the game’s plot” that Kahraman gave them, but we do learn at least one big piece of information – not only is Abandoned not Silent Hill, it’s not even a horror game – “Abandoned is a shooter/survival game. It has some horror elements in it but it’s not really a horror game. It’s not what people think.”

The recent uproar over the release of the first teaser on the Realtime Experience app seems to be a sore point for Kahraman, who attributed the lacklustre release to a combination of technical difficulties caused by working with Unreal Engine 5 and the huge demand that built up in the hours before the patch’s release. According to him, “That was our first priority – just get the patch out there because we will be adding more content later.

abandoned ps5 app

When pressed for details about when the public will be seeing more of Abandoned, Kahraman was characteristically cagey, though this time he did at least explain why he doesn’t want to give out many details: “The Cinematic Trailer will be very soon… like, really soon. At first, we wanted to launch it at GamesCom but we just have to see if we can reach that. GamesCom is like, a week from now? We don’t want the same mistakes – we don’t want to announce a date and then make it really tight again for us.

There’s no release date announce for Abandoned just yet, but it seems that if Blue Box are able to keep on track, we may be seeing more of it at next week’s GamesCom!