Icarus: New Frontiers Expansion Is Available Now

Survive and Thrive in Icarus: New Frontiers

Icarus: New Frontiers, the relaunch of the beloved survival game developed by RocketWerkz finally lands on PC via Steam today. It is a major expansion of the top-selling title.

Icarus is a multiplayer survival game that combines the thrill of exploration with the harsh realities of surviving in an alien world.

This new expansion is set in Prometheus, an unforgiving new frontier marred by the collapse of terraforming efforts. Players enter a tumultuous landscape teeming with extraterrestrial life.

Icarus: New Frontiers

The place was once deemed perilous and off-limits. Now this formidable zone, emerges from the shadows, inviting seasoned contractors to take up the challenge.

Here, they must confront the dual task of unraveling a sinister enigma. All the while concurrently establishing a formidable base within an expansive open world.  As the battle for truth rages on, players must master the balance between unraveling mysteries and ensuring survival.

Dean Hall said, “This is our original vision for the game,” He also added, “By combining the mission-based gameplay with a huge open world and the aliens that the community has been asking for, New Frontiers is a tense and thrilling survival experience.”

Embark on a new chapter of exploration through the latest expansion of Icarus. It tells a tale of terraforming gone awry, leaving behind untamed alien lifeforms, with their original essence without alteration. There will be six new missions to complete and unveil the mystery behind Prometheus.

Make sure to check out the official launch trailer below.