Scorn Set to Arrive on the PlayStation 5 in October

Prepare to Face Your Scorn

The well-acclaimed first-person horror adventure game Scorn will finally arrive on the PlayStation 5 on October 3rd. Gamers will now get to explore the unsettling world on their PS5 consoles.

The Serbian video game developer Ebb Software along with Kepler Interactive announced the arrival today. The news came out during the Future Games Show at Gamescom.


The Swiss artist Hans Ruedi Giger heavily inspired this game. He is best known for his “biomechanical” art style which blends human physiques with machines. The game promises an experience that challenges traditional gaming norms and delves deep into the realm of psychological horror.

Every location features its own story, puzzles, and characters. You will get to see new areas, different skills, weapons, and items throughout the game. One must try to comprehend the sights presented in this grotesque world.

Ljubomir Peklar, the game director of Ebb Software said, “We are incredibly excited to announce the release date for Scorn on PlayStation 5 and bring our nightmarish experience to a whole new set of players,”

He also added, “We’ve taken full advantage of the DualSense’s capabilities to heighten the level of immersion when playing on PlayStation 5. From the haptic feedback of the controller which varies depending on the in-game sound and intensity of the situation to the adaptive triggers which make every tool and weapon feel unique.

“The introduction of these features takes Scorn’s horrors to a whole new level, gripping players in an entirely fresh way.”

You can preorder the game for PS5. Though PC and Xbox Series X/S users can already get their hands on the exclusive physical deluxe edition.

And make sure to check out the official PS5 reveal trailer below.