Ride 5 Officially Released by Milestone Today

Ride 5 Is Now Available

The Italian video game developer Milestone has just officially released Ride 5. It is the latest installment of the Ride series. It will be available today on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic store.

This game offers a thrilling two-wheel racing experience. Moreover, it allows players to hop on their dream motorcycles and race across circuits and tracks all around the world.

Ride 5

Through RIDE 5, gamers will embark on the franchise’s most amazing journey to date. Players are in for a renewed career mode experience. Also for the very first time in the series, it will feature a narrator introducing over 200 playable events.

The events will range from championships to single races or time attacks. It will also incorporate a competitive angle with the inclusion of 10 Rivals.

In the career mode, events will unfold through two distinct paths, presenting a direct primary advancement route. As well as an alternative sequence of activities focused on daring, high-stakes races with significant rewards on the line.

Surpassing rivals will prove crucial in reaching the top of the Leaderboards. The game will feature a new ranking system. It is designed to monitor players’ progress as they climb to become the best riders in the world.

RIDE 5 is set to bring forth upgraded multiplayer gaming modes and features. Players will have the opportunity to engage in cross-play lobbies across various platforms online.

Additionally, it features the Race Creator, an extensively adaptable gaming mode that provides limitless amusement for virtual bikers. Through this functionality, gamers gain the power to craft their own races and championships. Allowing them to exert full control over every facet of the contest.

Gear up racers and get ready to conquer the roads.