Inkbound Unleashes Starship of Terror Update

Inkbound Meets Sci-Fi 

It’s time for a whole new story. This time, players are going into space, a brand new setting. Of course, with any new setting comes new characters. Today, developers Shiny Shoe are excited to announce the launch of the newest update for their tactical roguelike, Inkbound. The update, titled Starship of Terror, adds a sci-fi twist to the storybook gameplay of the game. Additionally, the update introduces a brand-new character amongst the host of additional content coming along with it. A press release dives into all of the sci-fi details. Furthermore, a gameplay trailer shows off Inkbound to those gamers who have missed what the game is about.


Inkbound introduces players to a new take on the turn-based roguelike genre. In single-player or co-op players will delve into the Atheneum Library and its many books. Importantly the game combines intense turn-based battles with a free-roam overworld. Additionally, in this overworld, players are able to use their abilities freely to overcome obstacles. However, once they enter combat, they are locked into turns. Luckily, the game allows for players to experiment with playstyles and builds until they find the one that fits how they like to play. 

Interestingly, the Starship of Terror update is introducing a new character for players to try out in the form of the Captain. The Captain focuses on buffing his teammates with auras and using massive lasers to chain damage between enemies. These concepts make him both an optimal support character, as well as, a powerful damage dealer. Of course, players can get a glimpse of the game in the gameplay trailer for Inkbound. 

Inkbound is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access